The Startup Idea Matrix – The Mission – Medium

Wow, I love this structure and brainstorming approach. This isn’t a mission to fill the voids, but an exercise I challenge all Strategy, Product Leads, and Digital executives to partake in for their customer groups.

There is something magical about laying out the ideas … talking to customers .. seeing around the curve, and maybe simply creating a beautiful experience in your App, at your location, or with your teams on those long tail (future!) clients.

Build something great – Ship it and create an amazing customer experience. Full link to the above matrix on Medium.

Keep innovating – James DeLuccia

The Startup Idea Matrix

I generally think it is smart to have patience in finding an idea that pulls you in: a market or opportunity you can’t imagine not pursuing. Patience in the near-term will save you a lot of time in the long-term. However, I’ve found one way to find this idea is to gain broad exposure to different markets until a specific opportunity and mission stands out to you. Credit to Chris Dixon who showed me this format a few years ago.

Source: The Startup Idea Matrix – The Mission – Medium

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