This is how you make Twitter profitable and safe – results of strategic analysis

This is how you make Twitter profitable and safe

These past few years we have heard the troubles of Twitter. Despite a brilliant founder and team, they are just not hitting the metrics and social impact possible.

I have heard dozens of banter on how to solve it, but I think the simplest solution is to practice what is already working. An approach that gains revenue, limits trolls, and raises the quality of the network in general. This has the potential to double and triple the value of Twitter. It would also increase the customer experience too!

This analysis is based on a detailed financial review and exploratory canvas of options across the start-ups and established businesses. If you spend time in the start-up scene — Atlanta to Silicon Valley, you know the passion and value of such customer experiences. There is more to be done, but let’s remove the noise.

To make Twitter Profitable and safe ….

Charge for accounts.

Imagine if web domains didn’t require you to pay for them — how could you ever manage them and let alone allow free market forces to self correct to quality? Charging for accounts will ensure that those (news outlets, media stars, etc..) who are making revenue off of the platform pay … those who use it to draw insights and have conversations also benefit by paying for it. EVERY start-up that led with a freemium model converted elegantly to a pay model … unless they had a superior platform for advertising.

Twitter is not a platform — it is a messaging space.

Have a twist on this idea? An alternative approach? Share it! Let’s make a sustainable business that we have all benefited, but maybe lost some love due to the filth.

Source: This is how you make Twitter profitable and safe – Medium


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