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End to End Resilience .. ENISA.. Cloud..

The beautiful opportunity with distributed computing, globalization, and cloud services is the ability to scale and run complex environments around the globe.  This is balanced of course by assurance that the operations are occurring as you expect, are managed properly, and protected to secure the competitive intelligence of the business.  Especially interesting has been the movement of centralizing data centers of a company into super data centers.

Together these points raise and are possibly met by the ENISA (The European Network for Information Security Agency) report that highlights the decisive factors of an end-to-end resilient network.  The report can be found directly at this link location.

An interesting challenge highlighted by, what appears Egypt’s government shutting down the internet, is how are these distributed cloud systems managed if they are cut-off from their administrative consoles?  Considerations for all businesses, and perhaps an appropriate addition to business continuity and such planning risk documents – is the following:

Can the business’ systems function autonomously when the primary controls and administrative connections are lost?

Perhaps a lesson could be gained by the masterful administration of the bot-net armies that leverage dark and shifting network clouds.

I would be interested of the implications that arise as a result of this disconnect of a country, and potential of other countries (whether due to more direct action, or the indirect result to further contain internet traffic).

Come join me and others in San Francisco where I will be speaking at RSA.  Stop by.. lets catchup.. and looking forward to great debates (as always).

James DeLuccia