How Google positioned it’s size and security as a strategic advantage

Google published an in-depth outline on their cybersecurity initiatives around the Google Cloud Platform. While not as public as Amazon’s Cloud control details, it is worth a quick review for startups and business technologists looking to expand their offerings across this platform.

One item that I thought was well described, and aligned with my recent Strategy Article published here on Creating Value, is how they position their size as a benefit to the consumer.

Specifically, Google articulates, and engineered their offerings to take advantage of their size and scale to be MORE secure and MORE responsive to customer activities. Reinforces their position as a leader and illuminates many of the ‘Good to Great‘ qualities espoused by Jim Collins.

How you design your next solutions can be cumulative advantage, if done strategically.

A global network with unique security benefits

Google’s IP data network consists of our own fiber, public fiber, and undersea cables.This allows us to deliver highly available and low latency services across the globe.

In other cloud services and on-premises solutions, customer data must make several journeys between devices, known as “hops,” across the public Internet. The number of hops depends on the distance between the customer’s ISP and the solution’s data center. Each additional hop introduces a new opportunity for data to be attacked or intercepted. Because it’s linked to most ISPs in the world, Google’s global network improves the security of data in transit by limiting hops across the public Internet.

Source: Google Security Whitepaper  |  Documentation  |  Google Cloud Platform


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