Technology — that which surrounds our lives, enhances it, and improves it

How much are we really aware as to how it IMPACTS and IMPROVES our lives, and how do we manage it in a way to deliver results? Well, that is something I have been chasing for the past 11 years, through experimentation, start-ups, advising start-ups, inventing, and writing books.

Yes, writing books. The most recent project I wrapped up moments ago was on parenting. First off, parenting is a deep and passionate topic of mine and others — both family caregivers and parents alike. Tackling this required me to truly leverage a few core talents that I have excelled at for years (you possess many of these traits and the others are dormant, I promise).

Specifically, talents around developing practical and elegant insights to highly complex situations (Einstein would be proud). These skills of pattern matching, observation, study, broad research domains, and experimentation brought a distinct set of skills to form concrete examples and ideas around parenting. I also was able to tap into and develop my artistic capabilities, and craft a beautiful book with rich visual examples to connect with the reader.

The exploration and experimentation for making a book though is found in the actual creation — the execution. Here are the vast areas where technology and diverse teaming were required to produce the book:

  • Drafting of the book using online only editors (Google Apps)
  • Setting up a rich universe and feedback system across 1,ooo+ individuals
  • Launching surveys across social media and direct to individual experts
  • Hiring international team members (Germany, Philippines, and Canada) to provide artistic, interior design, and exterior design services
  • Printing and field testing the book using on-demand printing systems
  • Creating a wholesale company account to pre-order
  • Developing a storyboard marketing plan using vast online management and execution tools

and much more!

It is striking to me the integration of social media, online instant-delivery tools (imagine using this technology to create an individually designed in-person experience), conventional online tools, and international coordination through support platforms that allows for scale and efficiency.

These past few months I have been blessed to be able to explore my curiosity in this space of parenting and create a manuscript that I hope will benefit many families. It also allowed me to sharpen my consumer engagement knowledge that I look forward to utilizing more in the future. A great lesson for me, and perhaps one you can draw upon, too.


Discovery how you can publish too: Book Publishing and Book Printing Solutions for Nonfiction and Fiction


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