Commission recommends an oversight agency, COMMISSION ON ENHANCING NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY

As many know, the 100 page report (really only about 50 if you exclude the appendices) highlights a lot of findings to shore up the government’s cybersecurity posture. As I study the findings and actions, I will share highlights.

Action Item 5.5.2 Congress should consolidate cybersecurity and infrastructure protection functions under the oversight of a single federal agency, and ensure this agency has the appropriate capabilities and responsibilities to execute its mission. (SHORT TERM)

This is something that I and others have warned against. Not that it shouldn’t happen, but if private industry doesn’t shore up the cybersecurity issue this will become a legislated and enforced area of business and technology. There is a path for this to avoid legislation and oversight, but that may not be viable if we continue to have major citizen impacting issues.

Full report:




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