How did the Google Web Server team achieve reliable, secure, and become the most productive team?

What does it take to transform your application development from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps to CI/CD? A lot … but at some point, all of the gears, gadgets, widgets, and funding won’t make the possible happen without one thing. A culture to holding integrity – to the code, to the doing what you know is right. Simply put, leadership and air cover matter a whole lot in the beginning to change.

I love this quote below from Bharat Mediratta on how ultimately they made automated testing (ahem, Security, Integrity, Code Quality, Privacy, and Compliance) a mandate for everyone – no one could submit code that broke the application (pipeline).

What did they do precisely, what is that magic bullet?

They created a hard line: no changes would be accepted into GWS without accompanying automated tests. They set up a continuous build and religiously kept it passing

Source: The birth of the automated testing culture at Google

There is so much to learn and we can do it together – see Gene Kim’s current works the DevOps Handbook, and join his knowledge dropping newsletters to get more insights.

Thanks Gene for building our Tribe (Seth Godin would be proud),



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