A refresher on ..Risk Mitigation Planning, Implementation, and Progress Monitoring | The MITRE Corporation

Deep diving on how risk strategies apply to the DevOps, IoT, and Cloud environment of product spaces these days. Mitre always has been a favorite of our industry and a valuable reference. The core methods we developed can be re-applied with a bit of customization and reflection. I wanted to highlight the monitoring aspect from the article linked here, as it is sometimes more insightful to see where you want to be and work backwards. Here you can create a new framework that eliminates prior biases from other fields, while leveraging proven processes and methodologies. 

Monitoring Risks:

  • Include risk monitoring as part of the program review and manage continuously. Monitoring risks should be a standard part of program reviews. At the same time, risks should be managed continuously rather than just before a program review. Routinely review plans in management meetings.

  • Review and track risk mitigation actions for progress. Determine when each action is expected to be completed successfully.

  • Refine and redefine strategies and action steps as needed.

  • Revisit risk analysis as plans and actions are successfully completed. Are the risks burning down? Evaluate impact to program critical path.

  • Routinely reassess the program’s risk exposure. Evaluate the current environment for new risks or modification to existing risks.

Source: Risk Mitigation Planning, Implementation, and Progress Monitoring | The MITRE Corporation


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