How much did Power outage at Delta cost?| Reuters

In the world of technology, it is often very hard to put a $ to an event. A power outage is particularly hard, but when that outage impacts the physical world (people flying) and your customers (those people flying) there is an opportunity to do some math.

Now I don’t know the full math, but the idea of a Skymile credit seems like a good start – and THANK YOU Delta for the credit. It wasn’t expected and is an awesome surprise.

So “As a valued Medallion® member, you expect more, which is why we’ve added 20,000 bonus miles to your SkyMiles account.” and we know that roughly 451 flights were canceled. Now I was on a flight canceled WED! Which is pretty far removed from the Monday event, but we’ll keep the numbers conservative and state the total flight disruptions from the power outage was 451.

451 Planes w/ 110 (average passenger guestimate) * (20% with enough status to get a credit) * 20,000 miles = 198,440,000

…1 skymile is roughly equal to 1.3 cents

So …198,440,000 * 1.3cents = $2,579,720

… Of course, if we assume EVERYONE got the miles, that would cost Delta $12,898,600 in Skymile credits alone.

Article on the power outage:

Atlanta-based Delta, the second-largest U.S. airline by passenger traffic, said it had canceled 451 flights after a power outage that began around 2:30 a.m. EDT (0630 GMT) in Atlanta. Flights gradually resumed about six hours later.

Source: Power outage at Delta causes flight cancellations, delays | Reuters


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