Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets – a lesson for professionals and personal safety

The US military learned the hard way how destructive a social media slip-up can be. In 2007, four AH-64 Apache helicopters were destroyed in Iraq after US soldiers uploaded photos to social media. The photos’ geotags showed insurgents exactly where to strike, according to an Army press release quoted on Defense Tech.

The warning is “a reminder that OPSEC [operations security, military speak for the protection of mission-critical information] must remain in the forefront of actions,” Osburn.

Source: Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets | Motherboard

As mentioned in How Not To Be Hacked, personal and professional safety, same as with safeguarding those in harms way, sharing location data and information loosely in public can be very harmful to everyone. In order to protect yourself:

  1. Never post Geo-Tag photos when traveling alone
  2. Use Groups to share updates about travel to prevent accidental sharing with the public

Businesses need to be careful beyond personal safety (still, obviously, important) to consider references to projects and activities in the market:

  1. Never mention Clients + Type of Work (one or the other .. never both..)
  2. Take care with photos (geo-tag) to not include prototypes or passcodes in the background

So much more can be said here, but focus on incremental improvements and limit the threat to yourself, your family, and your business.



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