iPhone and Calendar sync

I use multiple calendars through Google that are synchronized for friends, family, and activities (complicated enough), but today I decided I want these on my phone. I was successful using google sync (don’t forget to LOG IN after setting up Exchange), and sharing calendars as “real” calendars. Also because iphone ios4 uses multi-tasking which is basically remembering the “state” of an application it doesn’t really reload as you would expect in earlier versions…

Meaning if you go through the trouble of getting everything above setup and you still do not see the calendars listed or on the dates – cancel out of the calendar app (hold on it in multi-task window), and then fire it up again.

Should be good to go


One response to “iPhone and Calendar sync

  1. Dear subscribers,

    My apologies for the casual post .. I meant to post this on my personal blog and clearly did not. Thank you for the numerous emails about the site – yes, content will stay on point and related to all things IT controls and PCI.

    – James

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