Security and Compliance challenges with Web 2.0

What happens to the organization when the data that represents the heart of the business is distributed through Twitter, Facebook, torrent networks, gaming consoles, iphones, google phones, and such peripherals.  Many would state that DLP is the holy grail to ensuring the data never reaches these platforms, but I would challenge that statement with the fact that much content moving forward will be generated from these devices.  The difficulty of greater platforms, interfaces, availability of API, and the now efficient and mature malware market creates a new risk landscape.

Visit me next week live to discuss these challenges in depth at RSA London 2009.  I have brought together leading thinkers in this space and interjected client engagements to make it relevant and actionable.  A brief (9 minutes) podcast was published last week, and may be viewed here w/ abstract, or here for the direct link to the mp3.

A new risk landscape exists – how have you adjusted?

James DeLuccia IV

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