Twitter, PCI DSS posts…

In preparation for a PCI DSS training seminar I am hosting this month I uncovered a few nuggets within the PCI DSS universe that ALWAYS draws questions and concerns.  Catch my 140 character contributions below.  If you are not using Twitter or another search aggregator to identify updates and vulnerabilities you are working too hard (and in non-compliance to some regulations PCI DSS Section 6.2, for instance).  These doesn’t mean tracking persons who post personal items, but find and follow those that have a propensity to discuss items of interest to you!  Start with searching for #PCI and go from there – feel free to follow me of course, and check out the SecurityTwits

Kind regards,

James DeLuccia

2 responses to “Twitter, PCI DSS posts…

  1. Compliance is coming soon,,were ready but so many are getting confused thinking that a geotrust or same as is all they need but there a lot more involved than just that

  2. We got our PCI DSS Compliance , but still takes a bit and have to jump through a few hoops but we passed, still amazes me how may sites still never really got compliant or even know about compliance yet, but we passed for sure !!!

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