Malware Controlled Systems are Pervasive


Consistently and dangerously the number of computer systems in the world infected with malicious software is growing in both the quantity and the employment chosen by those that control these software packages. This alone is making the public internet an extremely dangerous and unstable environment to conduct business. These infected systems threaten both consumers and businesses.

Consumers are the majority of infected systems, so the common – system errors, pop-up nuisances, identity theft, crashed applications, and generally slow network/processor complaints have some root in these malware applications. The infected systems threaten the integrity and confidence in the digital environment.

Businesses are the major targets of these malware infected systems. The computing power is utilized to conduct coordinated attacks, act as gateways, harbor illegal transactions, and generally obfuscate the origination of the attacker. The greater these malware hosts grow in the number, the harder it is for operators of businesses to effectively shut down these attacks. Gone is the day of blocking Ukraine, Russia, and other such non-customer regions.  These systems threaten the integrity of business operations and can bring about insecure and out of compliant environments.

The utility of these vast networks of computers is only just being realized through the use of the tools in GhostNet, and the distributed denial of service attacks recently conducted. In addition, these systems allow for framing an individual, business, or even country by sourcing all the attacking “guilty” systems from a specific country – such as China.

Businesses must work to secure their own operations, and greater efforts must be taken to solve the consumer malware problem. We need a “Check-engine Light” simple solution for consumer’s infected with malware.

The graphic/screenshot for this post is from an Agent interface pulled down from a major commerce site last week.  Deadly and Simple.

Kind regards,

James DeLuccia IV

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