Big Release of Content – Virtualization, Grid Computing, Compliance Optimization and more…

Today marks the release of select client reports entitled, Inside Perspectives.

“The Perspectives research briefs are built upon the foundation established in this year’s top book on IT compliance and controls, “IT Compliance and Controls – Best Practices for Implementation”, authored by DeLuccia and published by John Wiley & Sons worldwide. Offering a broad and up-to-date perspective of DeLuccia’s best ideas on business strategy with fresh ideas, insights and practical lessons for managers, executives and entrepreneurs in every industry, the briefs represent an essential companion for executives who are rethinking their business strategy.  ”

The Counterparty Risk to Virtualization, Green IT and Distributed Computing

“Organization technologies are evolving to leverage the software side of their architectures. This increases business operation resiliency, establishes rapid on/off ramping (scale) of systems, reduces environmental impact (i.e. carbon, power consumption) and lowers overall IT costs. The result is a tectonic shift in how businesses operate at the digital level and the introduction of application liabilities, “counterparty” risk in IT. In most cases, business service functions and consumers are completely unaware of the change. As prior shifts in technology have shown, companies must insist on operational integrity, adhere to performance service level agreements and address compliance mandates.  Achieving these business concerns is more necessary in a chaotic business cycle, when competitive responsiveness and swiftly satisfying customer concerns is vital. “

The Deterioration of Trust and Confidence

Questions are rising around the world over the implications of trust and confidence
placed upon information technology systems and environments. One particularly
compelling question is how does this affect the outsourcing of business process
operations that has become a massive component of globalized businesses?

Download each here


James DeLuccia IV


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