Optimize your IT Ecosystem to accelerate Innovation, By James DeLuccia

There are advantages to eliminating complexity in technology environments.  I strongly detail the advantages in my book (ahem) and as recently at several professional association conferences.  CSO interviewed me on this topic and you can find my thoughts and those of Jeremy Moskowitz (King of free) and Keith Gosselin here.

Assuming you have skimmed the aforementioned sources…I would also add the following to the body of knowledge – deconstructing the technology infrastructure is a necessary and continuous process that must be embraced  by business and accepted by those managing the technology components.  Let me explain further:

Technology is a horizontal layer placed upon business units that are organized vertically.  A single router may serve the entire enterprise, or a single office branch.  The focus of the business shifts as the global market shifts – central operations migrated to complete global outsourced centers and again to now insource (in country) centers.  Main frame shifted to desktops which again shifted to the internet web app model and perhaps again to SDD thin client laptops connecting wirelessly into the office.  The office itself has disassembled from a single “Sears Tower” building to a global workforce operating in offices, homes, and coffee shops.

Net net…the needs of business shifts to respond to the market (and, yes that market can and does include the employees) requirements, and technology – and everything that goes along with it (compliance, security, CIA, etc…) must be responsive.  Through a reduction in complexity the agility of the enterprise is enhanced and consequently the security, integrity, and operational sufficiency are considered ideal – for the moment.

Again, check out the article – some great tactical ideas and post your comments below.

Best regards,

James DeLuccia IV


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