Scotland and Legislative Burdens for Identity Breaches

Back from Scotland and wow what a country!  Beyond the brilliant countryside and exquisite architecture I noted two interesting facts relevant to our subject at hand.
The first is the absolute (seeming) lack of technology for the farmers and majority of the country.  Having spent over seven days cycling across the nation I was instantly struck by the appearance, or lack thereof.  It was only after noting the country inn receptions using Facebook, and every Pub accepting credit cards did the inclining of technology appear.  The second observation is their extreme concern for security.
While I was enjoying the countryside the U.K. Parliament was debating the passing of legislation that would make businesses liable for identity theft.  This is unlike any law in form anywhere in the world.  Roughly it will place the onus upon those that were the victims of a breach (the business) to get ahead of any criminal activities.  An interesting approach to a problem that has not been solved adequately or evenly anywhere.
This legislative initiative is joined by the recent publication of the Final Poynter review on the HMRC data loss, and numerous imposed fines by the FSA.

The importance of sound control environments and mitigating the threats of technology are more clear to me today than before my holiday, and reinforces the absolute necessity of everyone to step it up a notch.

Warm Regards,

James DeLuccia

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