ABA Banking Journal Article on Project Management

I have been fortunate to work directly on product development of software, widgets, and service businesses and the end result is a intense appreciation for project management techniques.  Projects have failed (lack of culture appreciation, scope creep) and others have succeeded (senior executive support, cost reduction ~ grid computing metrics, short term returns) for varying reasons, but all have provided valuable lessons to everyone involved.
The American Bankers Association Banking Journal exists to help managers and executives succeed in the competitive financial services market – now more important than ever with financial market values dropping about 22% over the past 12 months.  There most recent published journal features an article that I contributed on the complexity and opportunity that exists for project management for technology groups that seek to provide true business value.  Check out the article, The Case for e-Project Management here!

Projects can only succeed when the right information, people, and culture are in place… some good self evaluation questions that you need to consider include:

  • Is the technology environment capable of meeting the business objectives?
  • How is the costs of these projects and the existing technology resources allocated and linked to business revenue generation?
  • How are current projects measured?  (To that point  – How are past projects measured?)
  • How have the project goals been communicated, and is the messaging understandable for each party involved?

Management and practitioners must consider the importance of technology environment projects – such as achieving PCI DSS compliance within 6 months or revamping your technology control environment to reflect the global threat of fraud, and establish a successful roadmap that appreciates the culture of each organization.

Other thoughts?  Favorite lessons?  Please share…

Best regards,

James DeLuccia

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  1. Plz send me a bank managmdnt project for in software engg.

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