PCI SCC clarifies Web Application FW Requirement Sec 6.6

UPDATE:  New Article on OFFICIAL Documents released by PCI SSC 4/22/08

This week was a banner week in PCI DSS clarifications, interpreted confusion by third parties, and varied levels of agreement and discontent. At this time the clarification that was distributed at this year’s ETA conference (which is a very good conference for those seeking a full understanding of the payment process industry), but has not been published by the PCI SSC. That did not prevent nCircle from providing us a snippet. Please check here to read their full post. Instead of simply repeating what they have posted, or promote the update and create more noise let me provide a few business impacts on how this affects your business today.

The update provides, as has been the case in other parts of the standard, many forms of controls that may be embraced to satisfy the control. What should be noted is that the clarification reinforces the need to meet the intent outlined in the standard, and a simple least practice mentality is insufficient. Businesses should consider a rotation of controls defined by the PCI SSC. Meaning that organizations should consider a SDLC that embraces the following process:

  1. Develop a common code base library – ala, develop chunks of code and get them manually tested against development best practices. Then certify these (internally) and lock the code. Re-use this code wherever appropriate. I have seen this practice embraced by many firms and achieve 80% reductions in roll-outs of new products (they developed online payment sites), and lowered their error-detection rate (any vulnerability identified during application level testing at or above a medium threat level)
  2. Identify and contract a third party for manual evaluations – Third parties provide fresh eyes to any project, and can bring to bear many resources (humans, experience, and applications) to any engagement. Depending on the development rate of “new” systems I would advise having these done once a year with medium development efforts and greater as development efforts increase.
  3. Automation – Invest in an automated tool that is best for the type of evaluations and have these occur regularly (weekly on critical systems; monthly on medium risk). These applications cannot replace the capabilities and attacks evaluated by a manual engagement, but they can provide an excellent stop gap to prevent excessive deterioration in risk management.

As in any update, read the official release and realize the intent. These mandates are in place to prevent fraud and bolster confidence in the credit transactions.

Thank you to those who have posted on this subject, and please add to the conversation!

James DeLuccia IV


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