“Mastering the Payment Card Industry Standard” article for CPAs

In the January 2008 issue by the Journal of Accountancy had a nice write up regarding PCI, the framework, the history, how the transaction system works, the threats (including TJX) and impacts, and providing CPAs with awareness of the opportunities. The article can be found here.

It is a worthwhile read for those new to PCI, and especially for those running the finance side of organizations. The author does a nice job of summing up the main points of PCI, and addresses the topic to an audience that may not be wholly familiar with the payment industry. Other great articles are available at the AICPA site, and access to the materials are free online. Definitely take advantage of the resources at this site, as it is only with multiple perspectives can information within organizations be sufficiently secured to ensure operational efficiencies.


James DeLuccia

Update: Book Release is now March 19th 2008!! Pre-Order Today

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