PCI DSS Teleconference December 6th 2007

On December 6th at 12 EST I will be co-presenting with Prat Moghe on PCI. We will focus primarily on PCI requirements 3 and 10. The teleconference is built on questions submitted by participants that will be addressed on the presentation. Listen live or check back for the future archived version.


So you think you’re compliant?

So you think you’re compliant? Let’s talk PCI: An hour with the experts

Even as another PCI deadlines looms, questions are being raised about what it means to be PCI compliant. Not only is there confusion about what it takes to become compliant, there is also a lack of confidence that stored customer data will be safe from internal and external threats once PCI requirements are met.

The confusion on the subject of PCI is exacerbated by varying technologies that claim to be the silver bullet for compliance. Hoping to reverse that trend, Tizor Systems invites you to a teleconference event designed to provide straightforward answers to pressing questions about some of the grey areas of PCI compliance. Specific areas that we will be covering during the teleconference include:

  • Data security and how it relates to cardholder data protection,
  • PCI requirements 10 and 3, when and where to use encryption,
  • Compensating controls for encryption,Today’s approach to database logging and why it doesn’t work for compliance or more importantly, for catching internal and external threats”


James DeLuccia


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