COSO Releases – Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems

Here is a chance for everyone to provide feedback and contributions for a COSO guidance document. It looks very good, and no doubt will become the quintessential guide surrounding this topic, as did the ERM Framework published only a few years ago. So, sharpen those pencils and provide some feedback!

“This business guidance more fully develops the monitoring component of the Internal Control – Integrated Framework to assist companies in ensuring the effectiveness of their financial, operational, and compliance-related internal controls. All interested parties are encouraged to provide feedback regarding the clarity and usefulness of this guidance. The comment period will end October 31, 2007.

News Release announcing exposure of monitoring guidance
Letter from COSO Chairman Larry Rittenberg, Ph.D.
Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems DISCUSSION DOCUMENT
Online Feedback Portal with key survey questions
Microsoft Word Survey for respondents who prefer not to use Online Feedback Portal”

Happy Editing,

James DeLuccia

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