Article: Wharton to Offer Exclusive Training for CIOs

This is a positive theme that is occurring around the country and throughout various consulting firms. Deloitte also recently highlighted the challenges and opportunities that exist through the executive and technology branches of the organization. An interesting point is, highlighted by DT, that the CIO is currently not perceived as the executive over information, but instead is more a technology manager. This focus on gears and switches will transition away as the role and the requirements of business evolved. This is consistent with the shifts seen in the CFO suite where a greater focus is placed upon that of strategy and less on Controller type activities.

A recent study was released that highlights the information intelligence and satisfaction of the Executive, the Board, and the rest of the C-Suite.

The Article can be found here:

“In a partnership with Gartner, the Wharton now offers high-level CIO education with a focus on the CEO-CIO relationship.”
By John Soat, InformationWeek Bank Systems & Technology


James DeLuccia


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