New format – New Feature

As the hundreds of non-rss readers know, a few days ago I switched the theme of this site to a simpler and easier to read layout. So, if you were tired of the dark fonts and murky background please come by and let me know your feedback. I will still focus on PCI DSS, of course, but will be continuing to expand the topics covered on this site to include global IT control regulations. What does that mean? Well, any standard U.S., EU, and anywhere else will be given some room. I will attempt to not merely repeat the obvious when news breaks, but instead focus on posting intelligent perspectives on the changes around the world.

Another change to the site is the “NEWS Feed” on the right hand side of this site. Please check it out, and feel free to set those as an RSS feed too. The NEWS Feed is my filter on what is important around the globe on the above topics. I sort through literally hundreds of posts, news items, client emails, and service provider information in an attempt to clear out the noise.

It is a new year (my fiscal year clearly is not following the Dec 31 date), and the plan for this site is simple. Keep posting helpful information whenever possible, and don’t simply post to post. On a personal note, I will update the Press Release page and About soon – and look forward to everyone’s comments and suggestions.


James DeLuccia IV


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