PCI Codified into Texas law (nearly)


The Texas House of Representatives is in the process to enacting House Bill 3222 that will codify the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard into law. Specifically the law provides safe harbor those companies that are compliant with PCI DSS, and places liability for card re-issuing fees to those who are not compliant. This has much more momentum than the Mass. bill, and has tremendous support.

This is a trend that should be expected to domino across the country, as breaches due to another parties lack of controls continue to impact businesses in other regions.

Direct link to voting status of HB 3222

Direct link to the full text of the Engrossed Version (html version)

UPDATE:  Tis true, passed with absolute certainty.  Shall we begin the count down till the rest of the country catches on?

I guess the saying is true – you shouldn’t mess with Texas


James DeLuccia

**Great expansion on this topic may be found from great bloggers may be found at Michael’s site, and Merchant Blog.

4 responses to “PCI Codified into Texas law (nearly)

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  3. I am part of a marketing research team working on a project regarding PCI-DSS. If you have an extra couple of minutes we’d appreciate your help on our survey! THANKS!


  4. Note that this bill eventually died in Senate committee. It’s interesting that we really haven’t seen any great movement to pass laws similar to Minnesota’s.

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