Webcast on Sarbanes Oxley and Database Monitoring / Controls *Today*

MicrophoneToday I will be presenting from an auditor’s perspective on Sarbanes Oxley (SOX, SarBox, S-OX) and databases. Specifically I will cover the primary controls auditors consider crucial and means of employing these controls. This is being presented with a database monitoring solution provider that has helped many organizations meet their SOX and other regulatory concerns (PCI DSS). Below is the communication that went out with the links for anyone interested:

Subject: Webcast Today: Database Auditing for SOX Compliance

This Webcast examines Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) database auditing problems and solutions from two unique perspectives: A SOX auditor and a CTO. The SOX auditor sets requirements that need to be met to ensure SOX database compliance while the CTO is experienced in developing and implementing enterprise activity auditing and monitoring technologies to help meet SOX compliance requirements. Attend this Webcast to gain insight into these two unique perspectives which will help you:

** Establish a best-practices approach to ensure security and
develop SOX metrics for database auditing
** Easily meet SOX requirements without diminishing productivity
** Develop strategies for meeting database activity auditing
** And more

To attend this Webcast click here:

James DeLuccia IV provides audit and consulting services for corporations and audit
firms. He oversees and provides support in AICPA attestation services and
risk management advisory services and has conducted audits under the AICPA
(SAS 70s, WebTrust), Payment Industry (PCI DSS), the credit agencies, and
the PCAOB. As a featured speaker for the ISSA, ISACA, ACFE, IIA, and
regional chapters, James provides transparency into the mandates and
interpretations of assurance services.

As Founder and CTO, Prat Moghe drives the product vision, technology and
market strategy at Tizor. Prat has over 15 years experience inventing
next-generation technologies. His background in security, networking and
systems management started at Bell Labs Research and Prat has to his credit
several firsts in the areas of security, network and systems management. He
holds a PhD from UCLA and was an Adjunct Professor at Polytechnic
University. Prat has several patents pending or granted.


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