PCI Update – PCICo, by James DeLuccia IV

There have been some releases indicating that PCIco (referenced in my previous post from ETA, and at OptimalSecurity) is being seriously entertained and we will see a whole oversight group within a short period of time. To recap, this entity will take over the management of the PCI program from VISA and MasterCard. It will establish a single voice and repository for all standard development, compensating controls, and a soundingboard for new controls, as new threats emerge. The few points that are being published include:

  • Entity would include representatives from 5 card networks
    • Including: Visa USA, MasterCard International, American Express, Discover and JCB Co. Ltd
  • Open standards body
  • “This company will own the standard and manage its evolution.” – MasterCard Chief Risk Officer Chris Thom
  • Entity is expected as early as the summer and as late as Q3 2006
  • Provide one voice for requirements

Any updates, comments, opinions are always welcome…

James DeLuccia IV


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