Hello World, James DeLuccia IV

Ahh, blogs. Personal vents where casual conversations are captured and the running thoughts of individuals are recorded online, forever. First off, I am passionate about risk management, technology, business solutions, and have been consulting for the greater part of my life. I appreciate the chance to seek the opinions, thoughts, and criticisms from the world on all topics ranging from compliance / audit to PCI, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 17799 / 27001, COBIT, and such.

As this is my first post, I feel a bit of an introduction is appropriate. In the relative short time on this planet, I have had the privilege of being a risk manager for a major cell phone company, developed and built a proprietary network protocol, programmed secure software – authentication and access control systems, created and trained around the world on information technology, conducted all levels of technical assessments, managed and delivered assurance services (WebTrust, SAS, etc…), developed integrated action plans on cross regulation requirements, and now have the privilege to work with a talented group of individuals on a range of strategic business and industry challenges. On a more specific, and personal level, I enjoy a home in Atlanta GA and have the incredible fortune of having fooled a most forgiving and loving woman to be my wife.

Again, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences, and challenges with the world, and hope you will share your ideas with us too.


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